We have established a continuous quality improvement system.

In our system, we insist on good die casting quality inspection manner:

  • Produce products according to customer’s established requirements. If any changes are required, they will be conducted in accordance with written documents.
  • We never intentionally deliver defective products to our customers
  • Use all means to eliminate defects in all aspects
  • Delivery to customers on time
  • Actively develop training programs to support our continuous improvement in products, processes and quality

In the die casting quality control process, we adhere to the following policies:

  • In raw material procurement, we continuously monitor the composition of raw materials to ensure that all raw materials used meet product performance requirements.
  • In production, we continuously monitor the production process at each production stage to ensure that the correct process is used to produce qualified products
  • In the quality inspection, we insist on checking every aspect of the product, such as product size, appearance, strength, corrosion resistance, etc.

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