Telecommunications equipment faces the challenge of a complex environment. The large supply of high-quality components is crucial for the continuous innovation of telecommunication products and timely listing. SENYEE provides telecom die casting services for a variety of telecommunication applications. From fiber optic transceivers to satellite communications, SENYEE offers high quality die casting components for all your projects.

For fiber optic connectors

Producing small precision fiber optic components requires excellent and highly consistent quality. For certain components, such as complex thin-walled components used in fiber optic transceivers, over time, it is necessary to ensure that parts do not easily break or wear, especially in harsh environments such as high temperatures and high humidity, we apply to the die-cast components Accelerated life testing was performed to verify the quality of the connector components to ensure good operation of the fiber optic transceivers.

Our die-casting components are widely used in various network devices such as aluminum cast RF filter boxes in base stations, high-precision die-cast zinc pins in switch systems, shield boxes, and heat sinks. SENYEE produces connector housings of various shapes and sizes and is widely welcomed by customers.

For durable and complex telecom die casting parts

The die-cast housing is very durable and can be integrated with heat sinks in its design, making it ideal for a variety of telecommunications equipment. Die casting offers maximum benefits in terms of weight, strength and complexity. Fast quotes, proofing and automated production are our constant cost savings for our customers.

The advantages of die casting in the telecommunications industry

We recommend that you consider the die casting process when designing the next telecommunications connector or device. SENYE’s die casting process gives you the following benefits:

  • Complex shape
  • Stable quality stability and high yield
  • High cost-effective
  • Low tolerance
  • Casting shell is solid and durable
  • Completely recoverable
  • High-quality polishing, plating and painting
  • Effectively save costs
  • Small draft angle
  • Excellent telecommunication equipment thin wall aluminum technology

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Die casting telecommunication parts we have manufactured

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