We produce aluminum die casting parts for furniture

With more than 20 years of experience, SENYEE provides customers with a wide range of die casting services for furniture industry. We manufacturer standard and customized aluminum furniture die casting parts. Powerful machining capabilities and excellent surface treatment are part of our key capabilities. Using of modern metering and vertical melting furnaces, different surface treatment methods as well as automatic handling and automatic spraying, we can always produce high quality aluminum die casting parts for our customers.

In addition, we use advanced equipment every day to monitor the quality of the die casting furniture parts we have manufactured. In the production process, we use X-ray equipment for describing the presence of defects in the interior of the cast parts, 3D measurement equipment for checking whether the dimensions of the products meet the requirements, and uses a spectrometer to test whether the purity of the materials used meets the requirements. Besides, we have three classes of skilled employees who can work night shifts for our clients. Therefore, in addition to accurately monitoring the quality of aluminum die cast parts, we can also guarantee the continuous production of your orders.

Furniture aluminum die casting part category

Our die casting products are used in a variety of furniture including:

  • Spring chair base
  • Furniture feet
  • Various types of door handles
  • Door decorative pattern parts
  • Chair armrest
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Cantilever supporting computer monitor
  • Furniture hardware

Features of our furniture die casting parts

We insist on using quality die casting parts to serve furniture manufacturers. Our die casting parts are featured with:

  • High-quality raw materials: We do not use raw materials containing impurities, and we do not use recycled materials to produce die casting parts.
  • Excellent metal surface treatment: We have very good polishing equipment, sandblasting equipment, and automated powder coating line to ensure that the product has a good appearance
  • Strict quality inspection: We strictly inspect each part for the presence of breakage, air bubbles, or any other defects, to ensure that our furniture die casting parts are durable, thus providing customers with adequate security guarantees and long-lasting life

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Die casting furniture parts we have manufactured

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