As one of China’s leading service supplier offering die casting for lighting accessories, SENYEE produces high quality die casting parts for your lighting products. We supply comprehensive die casting for lighting such as outdoor lighting, indoor lighting and LED lighting. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field, providing a variety of die casting and related services for various lighting manufacturers.

We specialize in manufacturing parts of die casting for lighting such as enclosures and heat sinks

We provide service of aluminum die casting for lighting enclosures, heat sinks and parts. In the die casting process, the use of aluminum parts is cheaper than parts produced using other manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the weight of aluminum die castings is usually one-third less than the weight of steel parts. At the same time as the weight is reduced, aluminum die cast parts can still provide sufficient strength and durability for lighting products.

In the field of lighting, aluminum die casting also has other advantages:

  • Easy to customize shapes and sizes.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Good electrical conductivity.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity, suitable for high temperature lighting applications.
  • Smaller weight than most other metal types, meanwhile has good strength
  • Easy to apply powder coating to enhance appearance.    

Die castings can be used for a variety of lighting products

Die castings for lighting are mainly used in the following products:

  • Industrial lighting
  • Outdoor coach light
  • spotlight
  •  wall mount light
  • Street light
  • Commercial lighting

If you have any questions or needs regarding die cast lighting components, please feel free to Contact Us. We will provide better die casting services than your other suppliers and are committed to becoming your one-stop resource for all your die casting needs.

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Die casting lighting parts we have manufactured

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