To avoid defective products, many leading brand have chosen SENYEE as a consumer product die casting partner. We provide our customers with precision die casting parts that are consistent across parts in mass production. In today’s world, each industry and field is continuously innovating, and the timely availability of products and the provision of cost-effective solutions are critical. Our team provides strong support for these challenges faced by our customers.

A wide variety of product applications

Consumer products cover a wide range, such as digital products, homes, printers, drones and virtual reality products. We have established long-term cooperation with many leading manufacturers and continue to supply them leading precision die-casting parts.

Complexity and accuracy of consumer product die casting parts

We can quickly carry out product design, and quickly put into production, while significantly improving accuracy. This can save a lot of expensive secondary costs. Consumer product die casting part is one of the most complex and precise product type we produce.

Die casting part surface treatment and coating

SENYEE provides customers with a variety of surface treatments and coatings, from electroplating to powder coating, we can meet all your requirements. If you need to phigh-spec surface treatment for your parts, please feel free to contact our engineering team for information or assistance.

Die Casting Benefits for Consumer Products

When designing the next part for a consumer product, please consider die casting as your choice process. Working with us, you can get the following benefits from our die casting process:

  • Rugged casting shell
  • Integrate high-efficiency heat sinks in product design
  • Use completely recyclable materials to comply with environmental regulations
  • High cost performance
  • Complex product structure
  • Stable quality
  • Strict tolerance
  • Small draft angle
  • Faster reaction speed

If you are looking for a partner for your new product development, or want partners to help you fully realize your design idea, then let us help you to promote the project forward, please feel free to contact our team to start cooperation.

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Die casting consumer appliance parts we have manufactured

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