In the die casting industry, with rich knowledge and capabilities, we can satisfy most die casting service needs. We have innovative engineering and design expertise, advanced facilities and strict quality inspection measures. These factors enable us to provide companies around the world with high quality, affordable die casting products and services.

Industrial part die castings

SENYEE designs and manufactures die casting industrial components that exceed your performance and quality expectations. For the following types of customers, we are the leading manufacturer of industrial parts:
Lighting: We can provide professional die-cast parts for lighting products, including pedestrian light housings, bullet lights, coach lights and wall fixtures. Our capabilities also include LED lighting and traffic signal products such as street and traffic light enclosures, control boxes and aluminum light boxes.
Medical: Our die casting factory can provide high quality die casting for medical equipment customers. Our capabilities cover basic medical products such as surgical instruments, hospital equipment, hospital bed gearboxes and peristaltic pumps.
Vehicles: We provide excellent die casting services for all types of vehicle manufacturers, including engines, fuel tanks and other products.
Industrial Equipment: We provide excellent die casting services for all types of machinery and industrial equipment, such as compressor fins, connecting rods, pump casings, machinery, and more. Regardless of the product, our die castings will have a very high price/performance ratio.
Telecom: In the telecommunications industry, we are the leading manufacturer of die-casting products. Our products include electrical enclosures, connecting front panels, waveguides, antenna mounts and RF filters, etc.
Furniture: We also provide services such as chairs, desks, cabinets and other products for customers in the furniture field.

Heat sinks and industrial enclosure die casting services

Manufacturing aluminum die-casting industrial enclosures, boxes, shells and heat sinks is one of our professional areas. Our strengths include: die casting boxes for telecom towers, TV amplifier enclosures, heat sinks for LED lighting, die cast housings and PCB enclosures. We also produce waterproof die cast housings for traffic lights. We can also design and produce die-casting industrial housings for any industrial product.

We are die casting industry leading manufacturer and offer process guidance for your Industrial Parts

Our expertise can select the best industrial die casting process for your unique application. We will help you choose the best zinc or aluminum metal alloy to help you achieve the desired results. We can analyze specific mechanical properties for your application, such as strength, thermal or electrical conductivity, appearance, surface protection, processing and production, corrosion resistance or chemical composition.

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Industries we have served

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