Only with good accuracy, the final products finally can meet the special requirements of our customers. In order to reach the customer’s precise standards, excellent die casting engineering and design teams need to consider the required costs and processes to manufacture long-life, high-quality products.

There are many ways to reduce costs, improve productivity and product quality in die casting manufacturing. In general, as long as customers tell us what they want through high-quality casting, we then can provide customized services based on their needs. Strong die casting engineering capabilities enable SENYEE to meet the highest quality standards from customers.

SENYEE attaches great importance to the early design of die casting part. We want to ensure that we provide our customers with aluminum or zinc casting parts that meet both cost and quality objectives. Please feel free to contact us.

Die casting engineering capability of SENYEE

SENYEE has a highly efficient and highly qualified team of engineers. Our engineering team can quickly process quotations, rapid prototyping, product and mold/die/tool design, and ensure customer satisfaction with high quality products.

Our engineering staff participates in all aspects of customer service and projects and works closely with our production, quality and sales teams. By combining the capabilities of all parties, our engineering team can develop functional and practical tools/dies/molds, while significantly improving quality and efficiency in all aspects of engineering and production.

Our engineering team can provide a variety of solutions for the production of die castings. With the help of our professional engineering staff, you can get the assurance of obtaining high quality die castings. Feel free to contact our engineering staff.

Number of Engineers: 10
CAD Software applied: solidworks, AutoCAD, UG NX 3D

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