senyee aluminum die casting part

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum is the most common non-ferrous metal used for casting in the world. There are many reasons for this. Aluminum is a lightweight metal. Without sacrificing strength, aluminum is ideal for making die casting parts. Compared with other metal die castings, aluminum die casting parts can also perform more surface treatments and can withstand high operating temperatures. Aluminum die castings have better corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. Meanwhile, they have good strength-to-weight ratio and excellent wireless interference shielding performance. And, aluminum die castings are easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.

The aluminum die-casting process is more suitable for rapid production. Compared with other casting processes, aluminum die casting production of large quantities can be carried out more quickly and economically. Depending on different applications and grades, aluminum die cast toolings can serve up to 400,000 shots. Even the tools reaches life, it is easy to recycle. Taking these factors together, you will understand why aluminum die casting has become the preferred choice for many manufacturers around the world.

As an aluminum die casting company with many years of experience, SENYEE is more capable than many competitors. We work with an extensive footprint, numerous served industries, rich die casting experience and strong manufacturing capabilities. Considering all of these factors, you will find SENYEE has advantages over most other aluminum die casting companies. SENYEE has up to 1,250 tons of aluminum die casting machines. Therefore, we have a large range of castings size and weight manufacturing capabilities to serve most industries and applications.

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senyee zinc die casting service

Zinc Die Casting

SENYEE’s in-house zinc die casting service offers various production capabilities with both dependable and cost effective. We have advance technology to produce zinc die casting parts. The parts are with complicated structure and shapes. And, our die casting parts are with thin wall sections, smooth surface, high strength and impact resistance. All die casting parts are produced with high accurate dimension.

Our precision toolings have extreme tolerances, which enables our production of most components to right shape and size, meanwhile time consuming will be saved and secondary operations will be eliminated. The Complex shapes of our zince die casting components can reach tolerances of +/-.001 inch.

We use modern CNC-controlled hot-chamber die casting machines, which allow exact and permanent monitoring of all die casting parameters.

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