Pressure casting process is the process of unifying pressure, speed and time; It has three major factors: machine, mold and alloy.

For metal thermal processing, the presence of pressure is a major feature of the die casting process that distinguishes other casting methods. Pressure casting is a kind of special casting method with less cutting and no cutting in the modern metal processing technology. It is a process in which a molten metal is filled in a mold at a high pressure and high speed, and crystallized and solidified under high pressure to form a casting. High pressure and high speed are the main features of pressure casting. The commonly used pressure is tens of megapascals, the filling speed (inner gate speed) is about 16 to 80 m/sec, and the time required for the molten metal to fill the mold cavity is extremely short, about 0.01 to 0.2 seconds.

pressure casting process _ SENYEE

pressure casting process _ SENYEE

Since the production of the product by this method has high production efficiency, simple process, high tolerance grade of casting, good surface roughness and high mechanical strength, it can save a lot of mechanical processing steps and equipment, and save raw materials, so it has become An important part of China’s foundry industry.

The die-casting process is a process in which the three major elements of a die-casting machine, a die-casting mold, and an alloy are organically combined

The process of filling the cavity by the metal during die casting is a process of unifying the process factors such as pressure, speed, temperature and time. At the same time, these technological factors interact with each other, restrict each other, and complement each other. Only by properly selecting and adjusting these factors and making them consistent can we achieve the desired results.

Therefore, in the die casting process, not only the processability of the casting structure, the advancement of the die-casting mold, the performance and structural superiority of the die-casting machine, the adaptability of the die-casting alloy and the standardization of the smelting process, but also the pressure, temperature and time should be emphasized. The importance of process parameters on the quality of castings. Effective control of these parameters should be emphasized during the die casting process.

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