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September, 2018 09, 2018

Casting die and plastic injection mold has what difference?


Plastic injection mold mold design needs to shrink water according to the shrinkage rate of different materials, and the Casting die basically has no shrinkage, the size of the mold cavity is large, and the product size is large; the biggest difference between the two molds is the glue. The gate of the die-casting mold is different from the injection mold, and the high pressure of the split-flow decomposition flow is required. The material path and feed port of the die-casting mold are generally much larger than the plastic, so it is difficult to modify, especially the aluminum alloy die-casting mold, which uses a piston-type injection to fill the mold cavity, the handle is large, and the plastic mold is injection-molded. The machine is screwed and is a small hole.

September, 2018 09, 2018

Investment casting current developing state and prospect in China


According to statistics, during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, foundry enterprises applied for and obtained more than 4,000 patents, including 2,000 invention patents. This shows that Chinese foundry companies have achieved important breakthroughs in the development of efficient and clean energy equipment, as well as high-end castings for the shipbuilding, metallurgy, rail transit, aviation and other industries, and the technological level has been greatly improved.