Storage Environment for Aluminum Die Casting Parts 2 _ SENYEE

Aluminum die casting parts are produced by aluminum alloy, which are good for many applications. Due to the character of aluminum alloy materials, they will not be rusted and can be used for a long time. Usually, what should you pay attention to about aluminum alloy die casting storage?

1. When storing aluminum alloy die castings, it needs to be placed in a ventilated, dry environment;
2, to avoid contact between aluminum alloy die castings and other chemical elements, and after contact with other chemical elements, will cause other changes in aluminum alloy die castings;
3, because aluminum is a kind of active metal, it is easy to appear oxidation after contact with a certain temperature, usually when placing aluminum alloy die castings, to avoid direct sunlight;
4, it is best to be able to place aluminum alloy die castings in a specific location, you can ensure that the aluminum alloy die castings are intact, no other changes will occur;
5. When placing an aluminum alloy die casting, do not allow the die casting to come into contact with water. After contact with water, it is easy to blacken the aluminum alloy die casting.