For 20+ years, SENYEE has been committed to offer services of die casting as well as tool, die and mold fabrication for customers. Our engineers and production staff are specialized in these fields. They will produce your parts in an economical and reliable manner


Our work covers full range like die casting, machining, drilling, stamping, finishing, welding, coating, die casting design, mold/die/tooling fabrication and assembly


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Lighting: You can rely on our professional aluminum die casting services to manufacture lighting products. We produce parts for items like pedestrian light housings, bullet lights, coach lights and wall fixtures. Our capabilities also include LED lighting and traffic signal products like street and traffic light enclosures, PED boxes and aluminum light boxes.

Medical: We provide high quality die casting for medical equipment customers. Our expertise covers basic medical products such as surgical instruments, hospital equipment, hospital bed gearboxes and peristaltic pumps.

Vehicles: We are proud to provide exceptional services to recreational vehicle manufacturers.

Industrial Equipment: Our services include the manufacture of various types of industrial equipment such as compressors and piston rods, pump housings, machinery and more. Regardless of the product, our service will provide lower unit costs.

Telecom: We are a mature manufacturer of telecom industry casting products. Products include electrical enclosures, front panels, wave guides, antenna mounts and RF filters.

Furniture: We also offer services for customer of furniture industry regarding items such as chairs, desks and cabinets.

Advanced die casting technology

We continues to invest for machines and technologies to provide consistency, precision and reduction of labor force. With process monitoring and the expertise of technicians, we can quickly detect process problems and correct them.

Applying advanced systems, we keep improving the surface finishing and integrity of our products. By this way we makes sure that our customers accept only the highest quality parts produced by SENYEE

We perform all work in our factory

SENYEE has innovative die casting equipment and has the most advanced die casting equipment. We have advanced work units and process monitors that improve processes and minimize waste. This allows us to consistently perform high quality work that exceeds customer expectations. We also implement strict quality control measures to detect and eliminate any product defects.